Offset Printing
Screen Printing
Tampon Printing
Thermo Printing
Embossed printing relief print
Thermographic printing - colophon

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Offset Printing ( The most popular paper and cardboard printing technology )
Screen Printing ( D irect multicolour line-eng and raster print on paper, cardboard, PVC, glass, ceramics, advertising souvenirs )
Flat Screen Printing Rotary Screen Printing Transferred Screen Printing
CD Screen Printing Screen Printing - souvenirs
Tampon Printing ( M ulticolour line-eng and raster print. Intended for irregularly shaped surfaces mugs, cups, pens, ash trays , lighters , etc .)
Thermo Printing ( Thermo printing with foil, coloring the image. There is a possibility for a combination with embossed printing . It is widely applied to business and congratulations cards, invitations , blanks , plastic PVC , pens , lighters , PVC surfaces , wood, etc.)
Embossed Printing relief print
Thermographic printing - colophon( Concomitant printing , through which volume on the paper or the cardboard is achieved. It is basically used in the production of luxurious business cards and congratulations cards, invitations, etc.)

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